The wait is over. NBA 2K15 hits shelves for the PlayStation 4 and XBOX One consoles nationwide at midnight.

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2K Sports’ latest installment features the Oklahoma City Thunder’s reigning MVP Kevin Durant and features over 6,000 new animations, defensive movement upgrades and more.

According to 2K reps, Durant, as well as the Indiana Pacers’ Paul George and the New Orleans Pelicans’ Anthony Davis gave insights from their personal experiences to help 2K Sports shape the game. Additionally, Los Angeles Clippers coach Doc Rivers also assisted in providing X’s and O’s for the game as part of their strategy side of 2K basketball.


One of the cooler features of NBA 2K15 is the authenticity of the game itself. 2K’s all new shooting mechanics feature forces the gamer to have shooting precision and stellar release like the Golden State Warriors Steph Curry or current NBA free agent Ray Allen. Careful though, timing and knowledge of how your player plays is essential in getting that easy bucket or ability to get to the cup like Derrick Rose off of a double team.

One of the newest features of the game is the MyPARK mode. Think of that mode as the White Men Can’t Jump movie except Woody can’t lose you money and Rosie Perez isn’t in the game either (BUMMER). In MyPark, you’ll pledge your loyalty to one of three affiliations: The Old Town Flyers, Sunset Beach Ballers or the Rivet City Rough Riders. Each has its own eight-court home park and unique flavor of basketball, emphasized by slight boosts to various aspects of your game. This Year, NBA 2K15 also includes a mobile app called the MyNBA2K15 mobile app which allows you to reach out to folks on your team in the MYPARK app.

NBA 2K15 also features NBA2K TV, hosted by Rachel A. DeMita. NBA 2K TV is an on-demand show format which showcases content from the most popular gameplay features dictated by fans of NBA 2K15. Speaking of television, Ernie Johnson and Shaquille O’Neal’s commentary is showcased during the game’s halftime report.

The gameplay itself is smooth. Of course there’s roster upgrades: LeBron James and Kevin Love are in Cleveland Cavaliers uniforms, Lance Stephenson is now in Charlotte as a member of the Charlotte Hornets and Steve Kerr leaves the 2K Sports broadcast booth as the head coach of the Golden State Warriors.

Oh yeah, then there’s the music soundtrack. Pharrell Williams plucked 27 tracks that includes music from artists such as Lauryn Hill, Depeche Mode, Public Enemy, Busta Rhymes, Afrika Bambata and more.

NBA 2K15 is Rated E for everyone. With NBA 2K15 hitting shelves at midnight, it’s only a matter of time before the NBA’s regular season begins. Happy gaming! 

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