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The skit that was “cut for time”

This past Saturday, NBC’s Saturday Night Live was co-hosted by James Franco and featured several musical performances from Nicki Minaj, whose new album, The Pinkprint, will be out in exactly a week. What it didn’t feature however, was the above skit, which was reportedly cut from the final version of the show “for time.” The skit, which features Keenan Thompson, Leslie Jones, James Franco and Cecily Strong, is loosely based on the events that took place in Ferguson, and Darren Wilson not being indicted. It begins with a somber fake news report on the situation in Ferguson, which is so mood-dampening, it makes Thompson and Strong–news anchors–try to get their portion of the broadcast cut. They fail, obviously, and are forced to move onto a separate segment in which they will be schooled by a guest celebrity chef, by the name of Darrel Wilson. Darrel Wilson is, of course, one letter short of sharing the same name of the man who killed Michael Brown.