Smartphone apps have made access to business information easier than typing in an url.  Moving at break-neck speed, goPuff is floating from city to city, quad to quad.

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Every college campus in America has businesses that cater to the needs of the students.  Some are just a short walk away from lecture halls and dormitories, while others offer the convenience of placing an order at the end of a smart phone click.

Since their cities decriminalized the use of cannibis, students in Philadelphia and Boston have been enjoying the delivery options of’s munchies, toiletries, and tree accessories.  Yes, you read that right, tree accessories!


Who knows?  Smokers and tokers, ahem, students may have even chosen to spend their education dollars in these cities because they don’t have to travel to seedy parts of town for hookahs and vaporizers anymore.  goPuff provides an app and a delivery driver for that.

Now, the latest news from the tech team is that deep thinkers at Howard, GW, Georgetown, Catholic and American have a reason to download the app as well.  goPuff is branching out to Washington, D.C.  and in keeping with tradition, deliveries will be available everyday until 4:20 am!

Doprah No Filtah is always watching her surroundings for smoke signals while listening to some mind-blowing underground hip hop.  Follow her on Twitter @SNSNightlifeMag.


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