Titi Branch, co-founder and Co-CEO of the popular natural hair care line Miss Jessie’s, passed away December 4th according to an obituary by NV Magazine.

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Sources state her death was a suicide, however there has been no formal confirmation from her family or a medical representative.

In 1997 Titi Branch and sister Miko opened Curve Salon to cater to the needs of women looking to embrace their natural curls and texture.  The duo realized there was a lack of products in the market that adequately addressed their customer’s specific hair care needs, and in 2008, The Miss Jessie’s brand was born. Inspired by the sisters’ grandmother, Jessie Mae Pittman, whose homemade hair recipes kept their curls in check, Miss Jessie’s helped fill a void in the natural multi-textured hair care world. Catered to women with a preference for organic and natural ingredients, the brand was one of the first of its kind to appear on shelves in huge retail stores like Target and Walmart.


Titi, known for her beautiful blonde curls and innovative spirit, is credited with the creation of the brand’s premier product “Curly Pudding”, which received several awards including 2009 Allure Best of Beauty Award and 2009 Essence Seal for the Hottest Natuaral Haircare Product in Atlanta.  Miss Jessie’s products, known for their witty descriptions and ability to tame the curliest of manes, has been a staple in many a girl’s healthy hair journey and featured in numerous publications including O, The Oprah Magazine, Essence, Marie Claire, Elle, in addtion to making an appearance on NBC’s The Today Show. Titi described the personal benefit of her brand and salon on the Miss Jessie’s website stating,  “When we get letters and emails from customers saying how our product and our message has changed their life and given them confidence to express their individuality-thats what makes all the hard work we’ve put into Miss Jessie’s worth it.”

RIP Titi Branch.

-Alexandria Tribble (@Y_iOuwta)


Titi Branch Miss Jessie's Cofounder passes away














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