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Urban Outfitters Ad Banned For Unrealistic Thigh-Gap


The go-to store for all things comfy and hipster is receiving backlash for the size of their models this week. In an effort to stop the epidemic of underweight models, the United Kingdom’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has asked Urban Outfitters to remove a picture depicting a “too-thin” model. The ASA felt the model, pictured from […]

Sam Smith Posts New Relationship On Instagram

rs   sam smith Jonathan Zeizel

Even in 2015, it is no easy feat to publicly express your sexuality. Celebrities, under the scrutiny of a critical public eye, often endure the difficulties of “coming out” tenfold. However this hasn’t stopped singers like Sam Smith from being open about their personal choices in love. Smith, who revealed he was homosexual to the public last […]

NYPD Officer Injured Riding Hood Of Police Cruiser


Amidst the NYPD “virtual work stoppage”, an officer found time in his day to take a ride on top of a police cruiser. According to Breaking 911, an officer slammed his head into the pavement after falling off  the hood of a moving police cruiser.  The officer, who was injured near the Brooklyn 70th Precinct […]

Miss Jessie’s Co-founder Titi Branch Passes Away


Titi Branch, co-founder and Co-CEO of the popular natural hair care line Miss Jessie’s, passed away December 4th according to an obituary by NV Magazine. Sources state her death was a suicide, however there has been no formal confirmation from her family or a medical representative. In 1997 Titi Branch and sister Miko opened Curve Salon to […]

Listen To Jordin Sparks “It Aint You” Prod. By DJ Mustard

Jordin Sparks It Aint You

  Former American Idol turned mixtape dropper (yes, you read right. Jordin Sparks released a mixtape.) releases “It Aint You” the second single off #ByeFelicia . A snide response to Chris Brown and Tyga’s “Loyal”, Jordin playfully sings over a DJ Mustard beat lyrics like ” More than loyal, I’m royal/ & You can bet, I look better […]

Michael Brown’s Stepfather Being Investigated For Intent To Start A Riot

Michael Brown  s Stepdad

A heartbreaking outburst from a grieving stepfather? Or inflammatory instigation for a riot? Ferguson Police Department decides. According to CNN, Ferguson authorities are formally investigating whether or not Michael Brown’s stepfather, Louis Head, carries some blame for the riots that erupted in Ferguson last week. Upon hearing the grand jury’s decision not to indict Darren Wilson, Head shouted in front of demonstrators  “Burn […]

Janay Rice Speaks In-Depth On Elevator Incident With ESPN

rice video football

Ah, 2014, the year of the scandal. Janay Rice, wife of Baltimore Raven’s running back Ray Rice got caught in the 2014 scandal flurry when a video of her husband punching her in an elevator leaked to the media this September. The shocking video caused public outrage, sparked a national conversation about domestic violence, and […]

Jhene Aiko To Headline “Enter The Void” Tour

jhene aiko tour with sza the internet

Jhene Aiko will headline her first tour next month alongside SZA and soul band The Internet. If you have been getting your “Waiting To Exhale” on with Jhene Aiko (via Souled Out) and fellow heartbreak crooner SZA then get prepared to get in your feels with the two live on tour. Jhene announced her “Enter […]

Fraternities Suspended At UVA Following Gang Rape Allegations

Rotunda UVa from the south east

Following a disturbing accusation of gang rape at a fraternity house, the University of Virginia decides to take action.  A Rolling Stone article titled ” A Rape on Campus: A Brutal Assault and Struggle for Justice at UVA,” has shed light on the growing rape epidemic on college campuses and how difficult it is for students […]

Bill Cosby’s Lawyer Claims Victim’s Accusations Are Illogical

Bill Cosby

While the outspoken Bill Cosby continues to remain unusually mute during the recent flood of rape allegations, his lawyer decided to condemn media outlets. In a statement given to ABC News, Cosby’s lawyer Martin Singer condemned the media for entertaining the ” increasingly ridiculous” and ” completely illogical” allegations made against his client. “This situation […]

Test Prep Course Uses Kim’s Backside To Teach Geometry


What a time to be alive. Instead of using hackneyed examples like pizza pies or basketballs, test preparation company Catalyst Prep, utilized Kim Kardashian’s most well known asset for SAT prep. Catalyst Prep, which specializes in developing amusing ways to prep students for standardized tests, tweeted questions like “If the radius of the Kardashian on […]

Hunger Games “Three Finger Salute” Considered A Sign Of Defiance In Thailand

cf beccae eef a  ddcf catching fire sdcc jumbo

The three finger salute, banned in the Hunger Games movie as an act of rebellion against a fictional totalitarian regime, is now banned by a real life political regime. The gesture was declared an act of defiance by the Thai government yesterday after five students wearing shirts saying ” Don’t want a coup” silently displayed the gesture while the Thai […]

Wendy Williams Addresses Aaliyah Biopic Criticism: “Whether You Loved It Or Hated It-You Watched It”

wendy aaliyahproud

While you were ranting, Wendy Williams was sipping her tea.  With strong opinions being expressed via social media, The Breakfast Club (Charlamagne tha god dubbed the Lifetime Network Donkey of The Day), and Timbaland’s rants, many were left wondering what the opinionated talk show host and executive producer of the controversial Lifetime film Aaliyah: Princess […]

Ariana Grande To Perform At 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show


It’s been a grande year for Ariana-corny pun intended If you didn’t get enough of Ariana Grande at the White House, MTV VMA’s, and the 2014 CMA’s, don’t worry, you can also catch her on the runway this winter. Ariana will perform alongside return headliner Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, and Hozier at the 2014 Victoria’s Secret […]

Robin Williams’ Suicide Triggered By Lewy Body Dementia


R.I.P. Robin Williams. Dubbed the “funniest man alive” in 1997 by Entertainment Weekly, it was difficult for fans and loved ones to understand what could drive such a good natured man to take his own life. According to court documents obtained by TMZ, the star suffered from many mental health diseases that possibly triggered his […]

HerSource| Beyonce Teams Up With Topshop For New Activewear Line

Topshop Vancouver Opening

As if we needed another reason to shop at TopShop. The trendy British retailer is introducing a new activewear label in a 50- 50 partnership with none other than King Bey. The label has yet to be named but will be listed with TopShop’s Parkwood Topshop Athletic Ltd brand and includes clothing, footwear, and accessories befitting an […]

Peyton Manning Suggests Legalized Marijuana Increased Pizza Sales

Listen up Pizza Hut and Dominos, Peyton Manning has the secret to selling pizza’s and it’s NOT in the sauce The Denver Broncos quarterback, who  currently owns over 20 Papa John’s franchises, explained his philosophy on the booming pizza industry in Colorado in an interview with’s Peter King. “There’s some different laws out here in […]