Greg Anthony gets caught up.

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The NBA was the talk of the sports world on Friday night as the Cleveland Cavaliers squared off against the Los Angeles Clippers but late into the evening, the league was making some noise for another reason. Former NBA point guard and current CBS Sports basketball analyst Greg Anthony was arrested last night for allegedly soliciting the services of a prostitute. The details surrounding the arrest are currently at a minimum, but it has been confirmed that Anthony was nabbed in Washington, D.C. in the midst of a sting operation being carried out by local police.

Anthony was set to call todays game pitting Michigan State vs. Maryland for CBS Sports, but that is obviously the least of his concerns at the moment.


After having a decorated career, winning the NCAA Championship as a member of UNLV back in 1990, Anthony went on to play over a decade in the NBA. As his playing days winded down, he transitioned into television as a sportscaster at ESPN for many years, then taking his talents over to CBS Sports. Having had a successful broadcasting career, he called his first Final Four matchup alongside Jim Nantz last year, a major achievement in the sports world. With a career spanning over 20 years as a pro athlete and analyst without a single blemish, Anthony’s job and reputation appears to be on the line.

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