Dr. ZoeLena Shuster, President & Founder of Katapult Enterprises has put together a roster of Celebrity Life Coaches that are certified via her company. The Celebrities for Hire are available for 1-on-1 Coaching, Consulting, to speak at events or make guest appearances. These celebs have a plethora of key niche expertise.
Randy A. White, “Multi-Faceted Prosperity Coach,” and ex-husband of Paula White where they are co-founders of Without Walls International Church, has 40 years of ministry and counseling experience. Randy has advised everyone from entrepreneurs to A-list celebrities, athletes, actors and even Presidents.
Add Donnell Rawlings to that list. You’ve seen him on Comedy Central’s award winning and critically celebrated Chappelle Show, also a regular to Chelsea Lately, MTV’s Hatin, Guy Code  as well as Guy Court. What you may not know is that the comedian also has a serious side and a heart to help others. As a result, it is only natural that Rawlings has joined Katapult’s team of Celeb Coaches.
Justin Jedlica, aka “The Human Ken Doll”… yes, that guy, the one who is all over the media right now who also has over 190 personally undergone Cosmetic Procedures & 16+ years experience also knows that the body is the temple.
Justin is also here to act as the architect, a design specialist if you will. Say you’re considering getting a cosmetic procedure or plastic surgery…who better to talk to?  Yup him! 
Chasity Melvin, a former professional basketball player both in the WNBA and overseas. As a Hall of Famer at her university and with over 14 years of playing experience logged, she has keen knowledge on transitions in different stages of athletic life. Naturally, she also understands the importance of confidence and wisdom in overall life experiences. Melvin enjoys  motivational speaking to youths, athletes and corporate events.
Hattie RetroAge, a New York socialite who has appeared on numerous television shows was once named “America’s Top Cougar.” RetroAge  coaches in addition to speaking on holistic anti-aging and female sexuality. When Regis Philbin dubbed her as “An inspiration to all of America,” RetroAge vowed to spend her life ecouraging folks all over the world to be young for their entire lives. Additionally, she’s been a leading force in helping millions of people claim the physical, mental and spiritual vitality, youth & sexuality they desire… and deserve!
Lastly, Dr. Zoe herself is also available for 1-on-1, high-end 100% confidential coaching. Dr. Zoe’s clients consist of business, entertainment, sports, political and religious leaders internationally. “Katapult Enterprises has been helping people identify their own individual definition of success for over 10 years.” says Dr. Zoe.
Katapult Enterprises “Celebrities For Hire” are carefully selected and The Source has been informed exclusively that they will now be adding artists, additional speakers and entertainment to their roster.
If you are interested in being considered, or if you’re interested in hiring one of the Katapult Celeb Coaches for personal consulting or an event, visit  Katapultent.com/celebrities-for-hire/or call 1.844.LIVE.VIP