Enjoying a song should never be a fatal affair, under any circumstances

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22-year old Rodney Clay Patrick Jr. thought he was just acting out his favorite Waka Flocka Flame song, “Bustin’ Em,” complete with a real-life gun when things quickly turned from charades to manslaughter.

Earlier this week, the Florida man was rapping the lyrics to “Bustin’ Em” with his friend, Douglas Trey Winslow, 17, when he decided that making the gunshot sounds and frolicking with his friend wasn’t enough. Patrick Jr. picked up a nearby gun and aimed it at his friend, thinking the gun was unloaded. Unfortunately, it wasn’t.


The gun discharged, and Douglas Trey Winslow Jr. was dead. Rodney Patrick was arrested, and charged with additional crimes, including possession of a controlled substance and tampering with evidence.

The following is an excerpt from Waka Flocka’s “Bustin’ Em”

These days you try to be a hero, and your wife’ll end up wearin’ black listenin’ to a 21 gun salute.
I just don’t understand these young men.
Maybe I should quit fightin’ what I don’t understand.
Hmmm..I can’t keep up with this too much longer.

Shoot first, ask questions last.
Thats how these so called gangsta’s last.