If you’re a hoops fanatic that enjoys a steady dose of Instagram, then you’ve probably caught the digital moves and grooves of Boynton Beach, Florida native Johnny Stephene.

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Known by his 600,000 plus Instagram followers as @dribble2much, few will argue that the 27-year old’s dribbling EXECUTION isn’t impressive.

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Bitten by the basketball bug at 12 years old, Dribble clung to the round orange ball because it kept him out of trouble. He continued to work at it and like The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, the playground was where he spent most of his days; minus moving with his auntie and uncle. “I remember walking home from school one day and the whole court was full of people playing hoops outside with the music blasting,” Dribble 2 Much told The Source by phone.

“I saw the attention that it was getting and I wanted to go outside and hoop.”

Fast forward to life after college, Dribbles played pro hoops in Mexico but suffered a shin injury in both legs that forced him to sit on the injured reserve before being sent back home to the states. While most would soak up the opportunity for a little R&R, he didn’t live life in the comfort zone.  “I knew what I had to do to build myself good handles,” he said.

Limited in leg motion, he worked solely on improving his dribble skills while on the healing mend. He even recorded his workouts on video that he then posted to the gram. “When I started to share the knowledge, that’s when I started blowing up,” he said.

Time well spent! Check out more of his moves!

Dribble has been kind of busy these days. Running camps and clinics across the country that focus on his Handlelife philosophy, He’s also become the apple of many eyes because his Handlelife movement of playing efficient basketball is working. “This boy lives, breathe, eats and sleeps basketball,” his business partner Dizzy tells The Source.

“He’s a good kid and comes from a good home and he just wants to play basketball.

Many of your favorite hoopers in the NBA have sought out homie’s expertise too. Dribble counts Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant, Toronto Raptors guard DeMar DeRozan, the Indiana Pacers’ Paul George, Los Angeles Clippers shooting guard Jamal Crawford, NBA free agent Nate Robinson aand many more as clients.  

Check Dribble and Kevin Durant Working Out 

So what’s next for Dribble 2 Much? In addition to breaking ankles on the court, he’s also interested in music a new venture he’s attacking. “Music is one of my passions,” he said. “That’s something that I’m going to tap into with my good friend Dizzy.”

Keep your eyes and ears open for Dribble 2 Much and visit www.handlelife.com.