With Hilary Clinton annoucing her plans to run for President, I have heard a lot of talk about women “staying in a woman’s place.”  

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I have also heard that woman’s place is in the home. Why is it that society feels a woman can only do certain things? Why should we be confined to certain jobs?

A survey taken on debate.org turned up pretty interesting responses.  Here are two views, one from a man’s perspective, and one from a woman’s.


Response 1. Women are meant to enjoy, take care of home, and anything that related to it. Man is meant to struggle and get all the necessary things for the family. If women are working, she might loss her integrity, especially women in POLITICS. May God help us to be a real MAN as expected by the world.

Response 2. Women are equal to men; if anything, women should be superior, as there are more females than males. Stating that a woman’s place is at home is disregarding everything that women have done for the benefit of the world.  Imagine if women like Mother Teresa stayed at home to be a housewife?

Being a good mother and wife are top priorities; however, that should not mean women can’t do anything else. We have several great role models to look up to who are balancing career and family such as J Lo, Beyonce, and Kerry Washington, just to name a few. There are also everyday woman who are teachers, nurses, and doctors, who are the backbone of our communities, that balance motherhood while doing so.

What do you think? I would love to hear your thoughts; leave your comments on Twitter at @hersource.

Katja S