Today Ghostface Killah turns 45, so pulled some of the best food metaphor quoted by the veteran MC

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Tony Starks a.k.a Ghostface Killah has a Birthday today, born May 9, 1970. The most visible Wu-Tang Clan member is best known for his lyrical wit and memorable metaphors. From his solo debut Ironman in 1996 to Supreme Clientele in 2000 to FishScale in 2006, Ghost has been blessing us with classics for true Hip Hop heads to rock to for a lifetime.

In celebration of Ghost’s 45th Birthday, here’s the top five food metaphors used by Pretty Toney himself over his 20+ year career.



As soon as I drive off Cap came to me with three sawed offs/ give one to Rae, let’s season their broth…”
– “Nutmeg”, Supreme Clientele


Grey Poupon is Revlon rap, smack pawns/ swing like batons, most my niggas smoke like Hillshire Farms…”
– “Fish”, Ironman


See we soulmates, we melt like cookies and cream/ and I feign for the days and the nights to sex my queen…”
– “Our Dreams”, Wu Massacre


God, the old chain and ball technique, got these vegetable lasagna niggas in their whips jumpin out their seats…”
– “Older Gods”, Wu Tang Forever


My sweet tooth got a nigga throbbin, ready for robbin, but first hit Maria for her butter almond…”
– “Ice Water”, OB4CL(The Purple Tape)

-Infinite Wiz (@InfiniteWiz)