The outrage is plentiful, but is it warranted?

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By way of her last name, everything Khloe Kardashian does makes headlines. So, when she posts a selfie wearing traditional Muslim garb, it’s going to cause quite a stir.

There has been loads of negative backlash since Kardashian posted the selfie 4 hours ago, coming from people who believe she’s making a mockery of the culture. Not only that, but there are a barrage of tweets attacking the hypocrisy of the media and the general public who associate niqab-wearing Muslim women with terrorism but praise Kardashian’s photo.




The other angle to approach this is, Kardashian is in Dubai right now, where wearing the shirts and dresses she often wears–like this one, or this one–is seen as offensive. In fact, the United Arab Emirates has indecent exposure prohibitions enforced all over the country, with only a few exceptions (beaches, bars and clubs, to name a few). Khloe putting on a niqab to cover up her skin is synonymous with a Christian putting on a yamaka upon entering a synagogue. The outrage on social media should be directed towards the media, who continue to stereotype Muslim women that are merely following the code of their culture and religion when they wear niqabs and other traditional veils, but don’t hold celebrities and other visitors to the UAE to the same standards.