Media is, what I have come to realize, one of the most powerful tools on earth.

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So many people are controlled by what they see on Instagram and Twitter that women are losing their lives over trying to keep up with Kardashians; butt injections and butt lifts…boob jobs, where does it end? At what point do we as women say it’s too much?!

Magazines, movies, and Internet are all Photoshopped perceptions, not reality. Photos are retouched and airbrushed, hairstylists and makeup artists are on set 24/7 with the best tools in the industry…so of course our favorite celebrities look amazing.


I did some scrolling today on Instagram looking at pictures and reading comments. I saw quite a few comments that left me somewhat speechless. Little girls leaving comments that say “You’re my inspiration,” or “I want to be just like you when I grow up.”  Mind you, the pages I was perusing belong to celebs who are famous for being on reality TV or posting twerk videos.

What happened to being inspired by women (or men!) who truly make a difference in our communities? People who have a strong work ethic, character, and determination. When did having your own style and being who you truly are fade away? What’s wrong with creating a trend and not just following one?

Ladies, please keep in mind that what you’re seeing online in the media is mostly fake. People post what they want you to see about their lives; it’s not all real. Dare to be different.  Remember, trends come and go; they don’t last forever.   I believe there are no shortcuts to true success.  Celebrate who YOU are, flaws and all, and own it and be happy.  If you are going to have any sort of surgery, please do your research, and make sure you’re going to a reputable doctor.

Beauty does cost, but at what price?



— Katja S