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A bold soul got the cold-death stare out of LeBron James

Right now, LeBron James is the baddest man on the planet. Despite the fact that his Cleveland Cavaliers are currently without three of the five players that started the first game of the regular season–two of whom, it’s worth mentioning, are All-Pro players–David Blatt is a first-year head coach, and they’re up against the NBA’s best defense, the Cavs have somehow scraped to a 2-1 lead in the best-of-7 NBA Finals. For the first time all year, Steve Kerr, Stephen Curry and the automatic Golden State Warriors actually have to put their heads together and manufacture victories.


Naturally, that isn’t something that Golden State Warrior fans are used to. Their team lost all of 15 games all season, tied for fourth best in NBA history. So after LeBron James turned in a valiant effort in Game 2, and stole home-court advantage from these historic Warriors, fans at Oracle Arena were not happy. Specifically, the woman in the above video clip, who thought it was a good idea to scream out that LeBron was a “p**sy a** b*tch” while he was just a few feet from her.

She received the death stare of a lifetime from the 4-time MVP, who would go on to dismantle the Warriors in Cleveland in Game 3 last night. If Warriors fans are trying to rattle LBJ, they’ve got to do a lot better than this.

That stare though.

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