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The gifts just keep on coming

Lil B has successfully bestowed the belief that his “Based God Curse” is real, and active, on just about everyone in basketball media. Why? He gets results. No one that Lil B has “cursed” has found themselves in a favorable position towards the end of this year’s post-season, from Kevin Durant‘s foot injury and the Thunder missing the postseason altogether, to James Harden‘s bowing out of the playoffs in the Western Conference Finals in 5 games. LeBron James hasn’t been officially cursed, but Lil B has been very public with his disdain for James’ uncredited use of his signature cooking dance.


So, ESPN, adding more fuel to the fire, invited Lil B up for a short segment called Cursed or Not Cursed, in which Lil B confirms or denies whether or not Kevin Durant, LeBron James, James Harden and Marreese Speights are still under the “Based God Curse.”