16-year-old Brandon Claxton has been accused of taking aim first at police before being shot and paralyzed

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Another Black teenager has been shot by authorities in St. Louis, Missouri. Brandon Claxton, 16, was shot by an officer three times about 7:15 p.m. Saturday in a housing complex in the 2500 block of Hodiamont Avenue. Police encountered him while responding to a call about someone stealing a woman’s gun.

According to witnesses, Claxton was running through the playground while trying to get to a hole in a fence to get away from police. Then, an officer jumped out of his patrol car and started shooting Claxton, despite the children playing in the playground. Clayton was shot in the head, arm and stomach.


The teen’s mother, Antoinette Liggins is very skeptical as to why Police Chief Sam Dotson stated a surveillance camera did not provide a clear view of the shooting.

I believe they are trying to cover up. There is more than one camera back there.”

Police state a loaded .40-caliber pistol was recovered from the scene and Claxton is currently in custody in critical condition. He is reportedly paralyzed from the incident and not allowed to see his mother at this time. Protestors have also been arrested.

Liggins said authorities took in her other son, 15-year-old Anthony Claxton, as well since he was with Brandon when he was shot. Police told her he had violated his parole by missing curfew, and would be held.

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  • Dt says:

    Isn’t the better question WHY is a 15 year old pointing a gun at the police? Why does he have a gun? Where are his parents? Plenty of great questions but they don’t fit your I HATE POLICE NARRATIVE WOULD IT. The Source needs better writers that get facts.