Tom Brady’s 4- game suspension was upheld by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell last week. After learning that his suspension would be upheld, Brady is suing the NFL in order to have his suspension overturned. Brady has thrown for over 50,000 yards and 392 touchdowns while winning 4 Super Bowl rings. He can be considered the greatest quarterback of the modern era. But his case against the NFL will end in a loss.

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Brady is appealing for his role in the team using deflated footballs during the AFC championship game in January. Brady is asking for an injunction that would allow the 2x NFL MVP to be on the field for the Patriots season opener against the Pittsburgh Steelers September 4th.

The players association of the NFL (NFLPA), who is suing on Brady’s behalf, believes that his suspension should be completely over turned. According to Sports Illustrated, “The NFLPA says there is no direct evidence in the Ted Wells report linking Brady to deflated footballs and that the discipline was based on a standard to ‘justify such absurd and unprecedented punishment.”  This is well and good, but Brady will not be able to win this case.


The NFL has made the first strike in the case by having the lawsuit filed in New York as apposed to Minnesota. This is a key move because of the belief that the judge who would have over seen the case is believed to show favoritism to the players rather then the league.

Personal information that Brady did not want to show the NFL, might be used in the courts to prove that Brady did have information about the air-pressure in the footballs during that game; yet, that will not be the biggest issue that Brady will face.

Lets look at the situation of the injunction from each side. If Brady is able to win and have an injunction placed in order for him to play, he would then have to spend his free time driving back and forth from Boston to New York to deal with the issues that surround this case. That means not being able to spend every min in the playbook, or being with the family, this could affect his play on the field to the point were the Patriots are losing games because of him. On the flip side if the injunction is not place, then Brady would miss more and more games just due to the case.

It is simply a lose lose situation for Brady that has nothing to do with the PSI levels in the footballs.

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  • DB says:

    Uh huh.

    So the judge that the league thought was going to be so favorable to them has already denied the league’s request that all documents in the case be kept sealed. Everything is now public, which the league didn’t want. And in those public documents is everything Brady and the union needs to win this case. The transcript from Brady’s appeal hearing in New York already proves that Roger Goodell is a liar and has deliberately misrepresented Brady to make him appear dishonest. It also reveals that there was nothing independent about Ted Wells and his investigation, he showed his report to the league’s lawyers who rewrote it before it was released to the public and an associate that helped him create the report represented the league at the appeal hearing and cross examined Brady.

    The collective bargaining agreement gives Goodell the authority to name himself arbiter of appeals but it doesn’t give him the freedom to do whatever he wants. He still has to act like a neutral arbiter and give Brady a fair hearing, and it’s obvious he did neither. That’s why he’s probably going to lose. Are you sure you don’t want to walk back your prediction?

    And there’s going to be a ruling before the season even starts. There’s no need for an injunction.