Tyler Perry may not have to look far for inspiration for his first blockbuster of 2016. A rapid tweeter, @_zolarmoon, with uncanny storytelling ability, unleashed upwards of 100 tweets telling a gripping tale of sex, lies, violence, all of which unfolded after she met a woman named Jessica while working at a Hooters in Detroit.

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Summation will do this story little to no justice, but if you’re not up for reading a Twitter Times best-seller, here it is. Zola meets a nice girl named Jessica, they hit it off immediately, and head to Florida to make some money stripping. Stripping quickly turned to turning tracks, a pimp, a friend and the friend’s fiancee quickly get involved, there are high-speed chases, suicide attempts, excruciating details of some of the sexual escapades, and an alleged arrest for human trafficking. It’s the 2015 Player’s Club.

You can read the full shebang here, and make sure you’ve got two things: an imagination, and time. We’ve included an excerpt below just so you know what you’re getting yourself into.


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