America is still reeling from the death of nine-year-old Chicago resident Tyshawn Lee, who police say was lured to an alley and shot to death by warring gang members. After community members began donating money and showing support to the Lee family, Tyshawn’s mother Karla‘s recent actions are now making headlines.

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Karla is under fire after news reports suggest the young mother took donations from a GoFundMe set up page for her son’s funeral to purchase a car instead. Lee says the reason she bought the car with the money is because she feared for her life and did not want to take public transportation. In four days, the page raised over $17,000 for Tyshawn’s funeral.

In an interview with Fox News, Lee says the page was created not by her and her son’s funeral was already paid for the day after he was murdered. She says she’d been saving for months to buy a new car and she doesn’t mind walking to work but is in fear of her own life because of the gang war. She took to social media to address the backlash for buying the car, calling herself “the best mother” she could be to her son.