Hip Hop and sports go hand in hand, with both realms seemingly thriving off each other. Saving for the myriad of examples throughout the past two decades, the most recent instance is Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton and other athletes doing the “dab” dance that Migos popularized and now having all of mainstream America doing their best dab. As professional athletes gain massive fortunes and worldwide fame, they often befriend Hip Hop stars. Thus leading to some even giving it a go in the studio to disastrous results (CC: Deion Sanders or Kobe Bryant). But there are some athletes dabbling in rapping that are not too shabby. No, we’re not comparing these efforts to that of the G.O.A.T.s, but we’ve decided to categorize the top 5 best songs from some the most well known sports figures.

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Shaquille O'Neal Game Portrait

Shaquille O’Neal


Of course, arguably the most successful rapping athlete ever, Shaquille O’Neal’s spot on this list is a given. Releasing four full length studio albums in the 1990s, one which went platinum and another gold, Shaq’s Hip Hop pursuits are well documented. Having recorded with Hip Hop royalty including Notorious B.I.G., Method Man, RZA, Ice Cube and more, the 7 footer has a well respected rap pedigree. No one prior or since, has matched his level of musical success.

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