One half of the VA-based duo The Clipse and Pusha T‘s twin brother Gene Thorton aka No Malice, is dropping a new documentary that follows his personal growth as a hustler from Va. Beach to a responsible God-fearing man in 2016. The documentary of No Malice’s evolution, End Of Malice, features his brother Terrance Thorton, also know to the rap world as Pusha T as well as their mentor in the rap game, cutural icon Pharrell Williams.

No Malice will be promoting “End Of Malice” in sixteen cities around the country, including:

-Evansville, Indiana


-Louisville, Kentucky

-St. Louis, Missouri

-Chicago, Illinois

-New Orleans, Louisiana

-Memphis, Tennessee

-Birmingham, Alabama

-Atlanta, Georgia

-Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

-Newark, New Jersey

-New York, New York

-Virginia Beach, Virginia

-Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

-Dallas, Texas

-Houston, Texas

-Los Angeles, California

Check the doc’s website for more information.