Money talks and bullshit walks. Living far from hand to mouth, T.I. operates from a profitable position of power and influence on “Money Talk,” the new single from his upcoming 10th solo album, The Dime Trap, expected to arrive later this year. While many try to manage a shoestring budget and wind up putting their foot in their mouth as a result, unable to earn even a penny for their thoughts as their message goes in one ear and out the other, TIP remains difficult to ignore as he gets his point across effortlessly thanks to a valuable vernacular.

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“Lotta n****s talk, you don’t ever get paid/ Fuck n****s hate, broke bitches throw the shade,” conveys the rags-to-riches Bankhead rapper on the lucrative record, which was premiered by Shade 45’s DJ Whoo Kid and Hustle Gang’s DJ MLK earlier today. It’s a priceless perspective that allows the Hip Hop mogul, undoubtedly a wealth of knowledge, to clinch deal after deal with his well-to-do dialect.