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The “i” associated with the always present in a room and ubiquitous Apple product, is always plainly accepted and rarely questioned. The devices work, they are stylish and aesthetically pleasing but in purchasing an iPhone, iMac or iPad, why has the letter “i” preceding each type of product become a regular association?

When Steve Jobs first inaugurated the iMac, he explain the meaning behind the “i”.  At the smart computer’s launch event, a suit donning Jobs described how originally the letter stood for internet. The prefix was also synonymous with individual, instruct, inform and inspire. Jobs as always thought out a minute detail in a multifaceted way. 


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Next up on the rumored and speculative Apple release calendar is the iPhone 5SE. When introduced in 2007, the iPhone, now a staple of everyday life, positioned internet access as one of its main selling points. Looking back at the launch of the Apple’s iMac, we can’t even fathom a computer without the capability of connecting to the internet. When the iMac launched there were few that did and when the iPhone released it similarly disrupted the industry with innovation, another word that could coincide with Apple’s letter “i”.