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Known for her international sound and trendsetting fashion, M.I.A. has teamed up with fashion giant H&M in efforts to collect 1,000 tons of used and unwanted clothing to be recycled and turned into new garments to raise awareness of World Recycle Week  (April 18-24).

In collaboration, M.I.A is also set to release a new music video focusing on the environmental impact of clothing sitting in landfills all over the world. The video is set to premiere exclusively on H&M’s website, April 11.


As part of their efforts, H&M has reportedly selected a handful of performers to appear in the video and bloggers to document the apparel they’ll be recycling in “rehaul videos,” a spin on the popular “haul videos.”

If you would like to participate in recycling your unwanted clothing, despite the brand or condition, head over to your nearest H&M and receive a store voucher. The recycled clothing will then be broken down into textile fibers to create new garments.

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