On March 8th, all-pro wide receiver Calvin Johnson made the decision to retire from pro football at the age of 30. Playing 9 years in the NFL, Megatron is undoubtedly a future Hall of Famer, setting career records among the greats at his position. Not even a month into his retirement, his former teammate with the Detroit Lions Nate Burleson recently made a suggestion to his friend.

Congratulations on your retirement, man. Now, take this year off … then find a way to land with the Patriots and get a championship ring. You deserve it.

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Johnson joining the New England Patriots would be a match made in heaven for QB Tom Brady but that may be easier said than done considering that the wideout would still be under contract with the Detroit Lions if he were to come out of retirement. Furthermore, his base salary for 2016 alone would be $15.95 million, something the franchise may not be willing to spend on someone whom they know wants to be elsewhere.

Cincinnati Bengals defensive back Adam “Pacman” Jones chimed in as well, saying that he be believes Megatron will not only return, but sooner than Burleson’s suggestion.


I think he’ll come back. I think he won’t even take a year, if you ask me. I say six months and he’s back. That’s my opinion.