K. Michelle sat down with The Breakfast Club today [Tuesday, March 29] to discuss her new album More Issues Than Vogue, which hit stores March 25. In the midst of the interview, K had some choice words for Uncle Murda and Maino.

“Honestly, I didn’t even know who [Uncle Murda] was,” K. Michelle said. “First off you have these old ass men promoting a mixtape, let’s look at that first. I mean he’s 40 with a mixtape-there’s no need to address that.”

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Maino and Murda stopped by The Breakfast Club to discuss their Yellow Tape: King Kong And Godzilla mixtape. Angela Yee wasted no time asking Murda about his previous comments about K. Michelle, so Murda went in again, saying, “She got that stink coochie, I call it the K. Michelle sometimes I just speak what’s on my mind. I know people who did certain things with her. My man said it was not right.”

Although K. Michelle was writing off Uncle Murda’s shot at her, she wasn’t letting Angela off so easy.


“What I am going to say to you Angela is that you are a woman, I have been very supportive of you and encouraging of you; the interview was over and the credits were rolling and you brought that back up” K. Michelle said, “No woman wants a body. I know you want ratings but  as a woman you should have known better and at the end of the day I’m not f*cking with you.”

K. Michelle revealed that she often doesn’t get to enjoy her album due to drama surrounding her personal life.

“The media will post whatever they can that’s negative about me to overshadow my album coming out” K. Michelle continued. “So thank God that this didn’t effect any thing with my fans but the label was looking at me again like ‘Oh God here comes more drama’.”

When it came to discussing her album, K. Michelle revealed she got her album title from Twitter. K also addressed her plastic surgery and what she has had done surgically.

“I love my fillers, but I have never had a knife to my face,” K Michelle said. “I hear all the time that I am pretty but when you go home, if you don’t feel good about yourself-it doesn’t matter. Honestly looking at it, I think I went overboard with my butt.”

More Issues Than Vogue is available on iTunes and in stores now.