In May 2015, Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao faced off in what was the most highly publicized fight in combat sports history. The bout grossed over $400 million TV revenue alone, not including fight tickets and all other associated revenue streams. Following last Saturday’s win over Timothy Bradley, Pacquiao called it quits, much like Mayweather did in his fight against Andre Berto last September.

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Famed boxing promoter Bob Arum isn’t convinced. Speaking with TMZ Sports, Arum believes that there is a possibility that the two men will square off again. Though he has not spoken to either fighter about a rematch, he doesn’t think they will walk away from another major payday.

It’s close to 50/50 but probably leaning more toward the fight happening … more likely than not. If the match was available, I believe [Manny] would come back for that match. If either man agrees to fight, my feeling is that they won’t be able to resist.

Pacquiao is currently running for a senate seat in his native Philippines and Floyd has been focused intently on growing his Mayweather Promotions brand. Aside from monetary reasons, there are some interesting storylines if the two were to lock horns once again. For Floyd, he is currently tied with Rocky Marciano for the best fight record of all-time at 49-0, a chance at 50-0 would sound appealing. As for Pacquiao, he fought Mayweather with an injured shoulder, so a return match at full health could make up for the snoozefest of a fight last year.