Azealia Banks and Jack Dorsey are up to something. The duo decided upon a promotion deal that involves magic, music and an envelope full of hair?

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Banks made it known this morning [Wednesday, April 13] on her Twitter account that Dorsey is an acquaintance of hers who she made a deal with last March. The exchange involved Banks tweeting to her Twitter followers about an app that he serves as the CEO for, Square, which lets users receive and send money via their mobile phone or tablet. They made the deal about a year ago today when Dorsey wasn’t serving as Twitter’s CEO. Since then, Dorsey has been reappointed as CEO and made the Square app public. However, Banks still has not received the promotional tweet promised by Dorsey.

Today Banks let it be known that she is not happy about Dorsey backing out through a number of Tweets.


As odd as the ordeal sounds, Banks made sure she had the receipts to post on social media. Dorsey hasn’t responded to the allegations on backing out of the deal, and he probably never will. We can chop the incident up as another day in the life of Ms. Banks.

For more, check out the tweets on her timeline.