Oklahoma City Thunder forward Serge Ibaka recently connected with his 10-year-old daughter. The Congo-born basketball player left his home country at 16 and never learned of the child he fathered until recently. His daughter, Ranie, has relocated to the United States to be with Ibaka. Ranie currently lives with Ibaka along with his nanny.

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Ranie has known of her famous father since she was five. His father and mother took care of the child along with her mother but kept it a secret in fear of Serge returning to the Congo to raise the child. “I left Congo and then the news came to my family that she was pregnant and that I left some woman here pregnant,” he explained. “My dad told them, ‘Please, my son is young. He just left his family, his parents, his country, he’s too young. He don’t know nobody. He’s by himself. Please give don’t give my son pressure,” after learning of Ranie. Ibaka now says Ranie is the focus of his life.


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