It’s always a shame when coaches get the can for things out of their control. Jim Caldwell got the boot from the Indianapolis Colts after going 1-15 and 99.9 percent of the reason that happened was because Peyton Manning sat out the whole season. Scott Brooks got the similar treatment, in which he lead the Oklahoma City Thunder to a 45-37 record with Kevin Durant missing the majority of the season. Although that’s incredibly noble for Brooks to do, moral victories apparently don’t exist in the pros, in which Brooks also got fired for missing the playoffs.

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After waiting a year, Brooks may finally get his chance to lead an NBA team again. It’s being reported that the Washington Wizards are making a push to make Brooks their new coach. If they can land him, it will give stars such as John Wall and Bradley Beal a chance to play for a coach who has lead a team to an NBA Finals appearance.



The Washington Wizards were pressing Wednesday to seal a deal with top target Scott Brooks to make him their new coach, according to league sources.

Sources told that the Wizards, cognizant that the Houston Rocketsare a potential threat to pursue Brooks once their postseason ends, have ramped up their efforts to take Brooks off the market with a five-year offer believed to be in the $30 million to $35 million range.

The Rockets, sources said, were optimistic as recently as Monday that Brooks would wait until their job is officially open before making any decisions. ESPN analyst Jeff Van Gundy is the co-favorite with Brooks in Houston and, according to sources, he would be highly interested in returning to the Rockets if the job were to come open as expected.