Over the past few months, there has been a lot of news on police leaders stepping down, but who would think an entire town’s department would call it quits?

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Green Mountain Falls Police Marshal Tim Bradley and his volunteers resigned a day before newly elected Mayor Jane Newberry and two new town trustees took office.



There are roughly around 700 full-time residents in Green Mountain Falls and the department only had four employees: a Marshal and three deputies. According to CNN, police cars have remained parked and phones tied to the department have not been answered lately.


Even the new Mayor is unsure on the department’s disappearance and what made the Police Marshal step down. She believes it might have something to do with them volunteering and not having any duties.

The Mayor continues to stress the town’s safety and urges the neighbors to look out for each other. According to CNN, the town has been provided backup by the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office and patrols will step up based on need.

Mayor Newberry also told CNN this is not the first time that their Marshal has stepped down and they’ve already received applications for the open position.