“Black Twitter” can be merciless when it comes to the relentless comedic dragging of a celebrity and it seems it’s now Ja Rule‘s turn.

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After mistakenly tweeting (and deleting) information obtained from a satire site, Ja Rule thought he was kicking knowledge when he advised fans that Michael Jordan was laughing all the way to the bank each time someone posts the almost iconic MJ crying face meme.

This why I love America while we all laughing at the Jordan crying face he gets a 1$ every time it gets post. Jokes on us!!!

— Ja Rule (@Ruleyork) May 9, 2016

Unaware of how unforgiving Twitter can be, it all went downhill from there for Ja. Using the same kind of comedic content that was created to ridicule His Airness’ emotional Hall of Fame induction speech, the Twitterverse set its sights on Ja Rule.


Although Twitter went H.A.M. on Ja, he seemed to take it all in stride, acknowledging that he didn’t know tweeting out “dumb stuff” was how to acquire more followers.

Ja even tried to crack a few funnies, saying everything from he “endorses Donald Trump” to mocking B.o.B by calling the earth flat but it was when he compared himself to Steve Jobs while attempting to mock Kanye West‘s infamous Walt Disney comparison that Twitter struck again..

All in all Ja Rule took the jokes in good stride, letting fans know he appreciated the comedy.

Check out some of the funniest MJ crying meme mashups below.