We’ve all had a bad airport experience, but for Wale, his latest airport experience may have just been the worst. After missing his flight from Newark Airport, the rapper decided to film his experience as he tried to ask staff members why he was denied entry onto his flight.

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Frustrated he would not be able to perform at a planned show, Wale called out the airline staff for their actions and alleged profiling against him. “They closed the door on my face, y’all,” Wale said in the video. “They closed the door right in my face. This why I won’t make my show.”

The Maybach Music Group artist stated he was harassed at security and slowed down by one particular employee, who played a significant role in him missing the flight.


Annoyed by what was happening to him, the 31 year old took to Twitter and stated “United at Newark be profiling for no reason. You got to convince them you’re first class. Young black dude? Must be a bootleg ticket huh.” The Tweet has since been deleted.