Former ESPN baseball analyst Curt Schilling clearly wants nothing to do with his former employers, especially if it means debating former colleague Stephen A. Smith. Earlier this week, the First Take co-host issued a challenge to Schilling to debate live on-air. Not only did Schilling decline the offer, but he did give his opinion on Smith and why that would never occur. During an appearance on WEEI Boston’s Dennis And Callahan Show, Schilling took the gloves off, calling Smith a racist.

“What am I going to debate about? I have no interest. I’m forty-nine years old. I have had cancer, I’ve had a heart attack, I’m losing my hair. I’m not going to waste my time with people I don’t respect.

“I don’t respect him. I think he’s a racist, I think he’s a bigot. There’s nothing to debate, Number One, and Number Two, there’s not a chance in hell that I would do anything that would bring that station another viewer, ever.”

When asked by a follower if he would take up Smith’s offer, Schilling doubled down on his retort.

Respect: For The Win