This past weekend JAM’N 94.5 in Boston hosted their Summer Jam 2016. Fetty Wap, Ty Dolla $ign, Kevin Gates, Fabolous, Kid Ink and Young Thug headlined the show with a few guest appearances to surprise the fans.

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The Breakfast Club radio show (minus Charlamagne) made an appearance on behalf of the iHeart Radio team and presented us with more than a few backstage interviews to help us feel like we were actually there. DJ Envy and Angela Yee caught up with Fabolous among others and we found out that there is new summer music on the way.

Fab stated, “I think I’m gone throw something out in July, man. I might go July and August. I got so much music. It’s really just me trying to figure out when I’m going to let it out or how I’m going to let it out.”


He went on to say, “I got some summertime music that’s why I’m ready to come.” More specifically, Fab explained he has thot music, being that it is “thot” season.

In a recent interview with The Source, DJ Envy expressed how he felt Fab was one of the most underrated artists in the industry. Envy didn’t pass up a chance to present that logic to Fab and see exactly how he felt about that notion.

In regards to his music and his overall approach, Fab stated:

“Its generational but then at the same time I think music too has also changed. It’s more about making a song that’s catchy and everybody likes. It’s not as lyrical where everybody’s down to the bars and picking apart what you do.”

Fab explained that he did the “Friday Night Freestyles” last summer to remind people he can rap in that fashion. Fab emphasized he’s not hanging on to why people don’t recognize how nice he is, and he understands that everybody has their own lane, as well as their own timing. He believes his consistency speaks for itself.

We can’t wait to see what Fab has up his sleeve for Summer 2016.