Detail released the pictures of the injuries he sustained following the alleged attack between he and Drake‘s bodyguard, Chubbs. Detail is bringing out the big guns following the announcement of his lawsuit against the rapper.

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Detail is said to have been out of work for a year due to the injuries he sustained and he claims to have reached out to Drake on numerous occasions to cover hospital expenses and Drake refused. In retaliation, Detail hired lawyers, Panish, Shea & Boyle, filed a lawsuit, and released pictures exclusively to TMZ of the injuries he sustained.

The lawsuit follows a physical altercation that took place in 2014 between Drake’s bodyguard Chubbs and producer Detail. The encounter took place after Detail refused to comply with Drake’s request to become his executive producer. Apparently, Detail did not only want to work for Drake and Drake could not accept Detail’s decision. In retaliation, Drake chose to invite Detail to his home in Calabasas, where his bodyguard greeted him at the door, punching him in his face and leaving him with a broken jaw amongst other injuries.


Detail is suing Drake for an unspecified amount claiming Drake “set him up for the beating” from Chubbs. There is no telling whether or not the story is true and there has been no word on Drake’s end about the accusations. TMZ reports Detail’s camp is concerned that Drake’s crew may be in L.A. and both will attend the BET Awards weekend and “they’re scared of more retaliation.”