You’re mad. You’re angry. You’re hurt. All understandable reactions to the recent news of the highest ranking officer charged on the case of Freddie Gray being acquitted of all charges. Or maybe you’re numb to the jabs given out by the judges and police enforcement who continue to allow cops walk free without taking any responsibility for casually taking the lives of Blacks without concrete reasoning. This myriad of ever-changing emotions is, in a word, tiresome.

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While some are busy arguing that there is a division of sides going on in America and would rather opt out of the discussion (here’s looking at you, Selena Gomez), the #BlackLivesMatter movement may be focused on helping out minorities, but the greater fight at hand is for humanity.

Regardless of racial background, the reckless killings of Blacks are a national problem in this mixing pot of a country we call home as they reflect on us all.


The Fight for Justice Is Getting Harder, Not Impossible

While is is easy to feel like surrendering to the thought that Black lives don’t matter in response to the consistent acquittals of authorities, the negative aspects of the current political climate of America are simply distractors towards the greater goal: peace and equal treatment for humanity of all walks of life. Strides have been made as cultural pride has increased in the Black community, a sense of support across cultural lines has been established as individuals from all walks of life are voicing their disgust and discontent with the actions of several police officers and economically-rooted actions are being taken to combat unresolved social issues with wallets rather than signs and riots. People are smartening up and mending the socially rooted issues with new, effective methods that give hope to the struggle.

The Credibility of Authorities is Shrinking Dramatically

One of the key roles of law enforcement officers is to ensure the safety of citizens. At this point, this responsibility is a not-so-obvious given challenged by the police and #BlueLivesMatter supporters alike. As officers continue to throw their power around to disguise personal fear rooted from ignorance, a bad rap is being developed for the officers who actually know how to fulfill their duties in a just manner. As the public image of officers continues to become decrepit and tarnished, the trust for law enforcement will subsequently decrease as it has consistently for years in response to cries for help being ignored. Overall, there is no reason for such a strong discord between the public and the police to currently be in occurrence when the role of officers is to act as civil servants.

The American Justice System is a Failing Structure That Needs a Major Facelift

While this argument is an old one, one must question the efficiency and effectiveness of the judicial system utilized in this country when it becomes a normality for officers to kill non-threatening members of society at an alarming rate that rivals that of the criminals who don’t wear badges. As the New Yorker‘s Benjamin Wallace-Wells wrote in response to the trial of Freddie Gray, “the case mostly represents the ways in which everyday police neglect can elude criminal justice,” being that “…the justice system may be poorly equipped to address the general culture of police harassment.” Adding the justice system to the list of things that need a change, an updated manner of prosecution is more than needed to justly determine rulings that truly reflect what America is supposed to stand for: freedom and opportunity.

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