KRS-One is staunchly standing by Afrika Bambaataa, delivering a dismissive response to those who question the validity of the sexual molestation allegations facing the “Planet Rock” rapper. The Bronx MC’s latest defense occurred at a Q&A in Birmingham, England, where he described the child molestation allegations facing Bambaataa as “accusations and gossip.”

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“When you’re talking about Afrika Bambaataa, first of all, you’re talking about the person who invented Hip Hop,” KRS-One said. “Not participated in it. There was no Hip Hop before Afrika Bambaataa. Let’s start there. So anyone who has a problem with Afrika Bambaataa should quit Hip Hop.”

KRS-One also stated the accusations are something for Bambaataa to deal with as opposed to the Hip Hop culture as a whole.


“You don’t take accusations lightly,” KRS-One said. “I would say unequivocally right here, right now, I hope for healing. As I wrote in my statement, I hope for healing for everyone involved. First for those who are accusing Afrika Bambaataa. Accusing. No evidence, no convictions. OK, but we will at least give you the benefit of the doubt. You made these accusations against Afrika Bambaataa. OK, no problem. Bam, deal with that.”

The interviewer then asked for both sides—the victims and Afrika Bambaataa—to be seen because no one is untouchable. KRS said this cannot happen, and that Hip Hop needs to understand some of its leaders are beyond reprimand.

“Some of us are infallible,” KRS-One said. “Some of us are going to have to be untouchable or our entire culture is going to fall. Our culture cannot fall on the accusations of four people, that’s weak.”

Although KRS-One is standing by Bambaataa, the Zulu Nation he founded isn’t. After initially defending him, Zulu Nation later announced that it was distancing itself from the Hip Hop pioneer.

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