Funky DL has long been proclaimed as one of the finest emcees and producers to come out of the British Isles, releasing a steady stream of integral projects created solely for the Hip Hop heads that are in it for the music and not the popularity.

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His momentous 2001 album Blackcurrent Jazz was a pioneering moment in the Jazz-Hop scene and managed to leave a lasting legacy without selling out to the corporate mainstream that seemed to hoover up any respectable artist at that point in time.

It’s 2016 and the man from Hackney, E5 London is still going strong with the new release of the sedating The Jazz Lounge, a remix concept album of some of the artist’s finest tunes of his career, given a new lease of life infused with the smoothest chilled out jazz flavours.


The 17 track LP is packed full of stripped back lounge style swing that tugs at the heartstrings as much as it serenades the consciousness, deftly blending from track to track with ease and passion.

The subtle nods to the forefathers of jazz—from Miles, Brubeck, Hubbard Coltrane and a whole lot more—only adds to the spectacle of the collective. From the up-tempo yet eerie “Le Jazz Courant Noir” which gives homage to the pioneers who set the foundations for generations to come, to the personal favourite of “Ode To Nujabes,” a wonderful haunting snare and piano medley that sums up the ingenuity of the Japanese producer who had such a lasting effect on DL.

Even the aesthetically pleasing cover art is something to behold, perfectly capturing as to when this album is perfect; in the kitchen cooking up a storm of a feast as beautiful chilled vibes flow over the receptors with tranquillity.

This album is a marvelous composite of the work of one of the last true British jazz/Hip Hop aficionados. The fact he tries to push the boundaries and capabilities of the genre whilst adding something fresh and innovative on every track compared to his original composition, highlights the imagination of such a culturally significant artist.

Keep ’em coming, DL.

Listen to the album here:

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