Rapper, Soulja Slim, has been resting in peace for over a decade now. When Slim was gunned down in front of his Mother’s New Orleans home in 2003, Lil Soulja Slim was just a kid. Lil Soulja remembers his Pops well though and today he often pays homage to him on social media, in his music, and now in his visuals.

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This Dr.Clipz directed visual for “Heard of Us” featuring vocals, and historic clips from another New Orleans legend, C Murder, shows Lil Soulja Slim paying homage to his pops once again. The hook, handled by C Murder pays respects to Slim’s legacy, and the clips of him instantly places you in a state of nostalgia.

The video is an instant New Orleans gem, that can be viewed, and appreciated  for time to come. This has been a common theme for Lil Soulja Slim’s young career, always paying respect to those who came before him, especially his iconic father, Soulja Slim, and the New Orleans legend that is C Murder. Lil Soulja Slim was featured on C Murder’s Aint No Heaven in the Pen, where the audio from this video derives from.


You can check out the video below, and be on the lookout for new music from Lil Soulja Slim..

GOD Bless, Free C Murder