Flashy cars are as synonymous with rappers success as chips are to salsa, like peanut butter and jelly, like… (well you get the point) they really go together. Our friends over at Gocompare.com recently analyzed the lyrics from over 62,000 songs spanning the last decade of music, plus the top 100 MCs of all time, looking for the most reference vehicles and the rappers who talk the most about their whips.

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“Trends in rap music come and go, but cars in various shapes and brands have stood the test of time in the lyrics and lifestyle of hip-hop. With that said, who knew that rappers dedicated so many verses to their rides?” said Sean Fitzsimons from the group who analyzed the data.

The list has some obvious hits, like The Game topping the list for references, I mean he is the name drop king but did you know Game is know for buying extremely extravagant, customised cars. His collection includes a gold Porsche Panamera and a leather-wrapped Ferrari F430?


But then you have Hov who owns the most expensive car in the world, the $1.9 million Pagani Zonda Roadster. Where DMX’s car fetish is so deep, just after being released from jail in 2010 he was pulled over in a Benz within hours of his release.

Read on to check out the list.

How Rappers Roll by GoCompare

How Rappers Roll by GoCompare



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