Hip Hop juggernaut Sean Conn is looking to cement his place in the music world and he passionately does so with his latest single and video called “The Golden Mic.” The song is receiving kudos from fans and industry insiders alike. Sean Conn is the self proclaimed “secret agent” of Hip Hop. He adds class, intellect and style to his genre.

Sean Conn’s music is a refreshing departure from the cookie cutter playlist of songs currently in rotation on the commercial radio airwaves. He offers something more authentic and real. The award winning artist delivers true craftsmanship whereby careful thought is put into each line and melody.

The song “Golden Mic” was deftly produced by MouseTrap The SoulChild. Moreover, the music video for “Golden Mic” is vibrant and entertaining and it captures the spirit of the song. It looks like a mini movie. Shot entirely in Las Vegas it makes the music the center stage. The visuals are crisp, colorful and edgy. It was directed by ChubbeProductions.

In a day and age where the majority of Rap music videos consist of the artist just standing there rapping while random “video girls” shake their rear ends around them with some gratuitous “bling” to boot, it’s nice to see a video whereby creative thought went into the concept. Moreover, the song itself is head nodding Hip Hop at its finest. Check out the visual below.