Social media platform Facebook is stepping up their game by rolling out features soon to hit the site. Several features were announced on the first day of it’s annual developers conference, held in San Jose this year, that will compete with competitors.

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Features like the AR studio or augmented reality is similar to Snap Chat, will allow digital images to be placed over the real world. Facebook is opening up its AR platform so developers can make use of things like image recognition without having to invest in the costs for the technology themselves.

Messenger will have an added feature similar to WeChat, the Chinese app that lets users multi-task from the same app. Facebook will soon allow users to use Messenger to chat to friends and without leaving Messenger buy tickets, make reservations and book a rides simultaneously. Head of Messenger, David Marcus, shared upgrades like Spotify integration, where you can drop songs into a group chat and everyone listen at the same time.


For game lovers Facebook’s buyout of Oculus VR has set up the platform for Facebook Spaces. It places gamers in a virtual reality as an avatar, in a world inhabited by your other friends who are also avatars.

Lastly, Workplace will be Facebook’s collaboration tool similar to Slack and is designed to help with productivity. Overall Facebook will be releasing new ways to stay distracted on the site as long as possible while being entertained and productive all at once.

-Infinite Wiz (@InfiniteWiz)