In this On The Rise, we start with a letter from 7¢ Herm himself. Herm Says, “Granny’s 7th Boy, to me, is my redemption story…
After three long years on a musical hiatus, the hermit felt the need to crawl back out of the grotto. I returned to aid in healing the hip-hop scene in New Orleans. Which, might I add, is on the come up with my peers more focused and united than ever.
In the last year, I went through a lot of trials man. A lot of things changed for the better, for worst. Sometimes it felt like I lost everything, but my unwavering faith in the universal cycles helped me to withstand all of that pain and evolve from it.
It’s as if I lived the story of Job twice over. But with HER (the universe) guidance all things became clear to me, I understood that it was time to return to music.
In January of this year, I began work on “Granny’s 7th Boy”. The title is a testament to the strength of family and a reminder of where I come from. I’m my grandmother’s 7th grandson… we were all raised together in the same house. S/o to the 7th ward. This EP saved me from myself man. I spent 9 months going crazy! So I took all that negative energy and channeled it into my lyrics, into the concepts. With those experiences, I grew as and artist, and as a human being. I’ve learned volumes of myself that no other person could comprehend. I’ve never been more proud of one of my musical releases. This EP means the world to me. Sharing it with everyone has been more than a blessing, family.”

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So from that letter, we see that the Hermit isn’t your average artist. The depths in which he knows himself was evident before we even heard this EP. If you follow him on social media, you know that his grasp on himself, and who he is, bleeds daily through 140 character posts. Now, he’s been given a chance to put his interpretations of himself on wax, and he doesn’t disappoint. He truly conveyed his message eloquently, kept his honesty, kept his fearlessness, kept his intellect, his undoudabtle New Orleans rugged nature, and everything else that makes 7¢ Herm who he is.

When we get into ‘Granny’s 7th Boy’, we realize that from the jump Herm wanted to take us on a journey. We knew that 5 years down the line, when Herm is inevitably in a different position, he wanted fans to be able to revisit ‘Granny’s 7th Boy’, and put together dots that were strategically setup to live beyond its current existence. It’s one of those projects that will have a lineage, and as fans of the Hermit Crab, we’re just as excited as anyone else to see how he builds on it. You can check out ‘Granny’s 7th Boy’ in its entirety on SoundCloud below, and if you’re in New Orleans on July 1st, catch 7¢ Herm’s release party in The Den at Howlin Wolf.