After a near twenty year break from Hip-Hop radio, legendary DJs Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito Garcia returned last month with “What’s Good with Stretch and Bobbito,” a new interview podcast for NPR. In their latest podcast, the duo has an in-depth conversation with Chance The Rapper, one of Hip-Hop’s brightest young stars. Though Chance was not yet born when Stretch and Bobbito started their first radio show, he carries himself as a veteran, insightfully commenting on the state of the modern music industry and explaining how having a daughter changed him as a person. In one memorable moment, the hosts and the guest discuss the struggles of SoundCloud, and Chance makes a populist case for its impact, explaining how he could never have found the audience he did without his debut mixtape’s success on the embattled streaming service.

With their new podcast series, Stretch and Bobbito bring the same quick witticisms, thoughtful and empathetic interview questions, and infectious humor that made them legendary DJs in the Golden Age of Hip-Hop. As hosts of a cultishly beloved college radio show from 1990 to 1998, they helped buoy the careers of artists such as Jay-Z, Wu-Tan Clan, Nas, Notorious B.I.G, and many more. In this new podcast series, they’ll unearth untold stories from cultural movers and shakers in art, music, politics, and sports. Previous guests have included Mahershala Ali, Eddie Huang, and Dave Chappelle, and upcoming episodes will feature the likes of Stevie Wonder and more.

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