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An entrepreneur of many backgrounds, Marye Dean, Esq. is a leading woman of law; as well as an author and activist. With over ten years of successful legal experience working headline cases and servicing other major firms, she was able to develop a private law practice of her own, The Dean Law Firm, PLLC.

Dean believes the middle class in America is disappearing as a reflection of the rise in income inequality. She encourages that entrepreneurship will drive the creation of jobs, alleviate poverty, and push national innovation. Instead of continuing to work under other big corporations, she established her own.

She fulfills her mission of economic equality through The Dean Law Firm by building major businesses for her clients. Dean provides exceptional legal services that help businesses operate and expand rapidly.


Read more below about this successful modern female entrepreneur breaking barriers in corporate America and changing the world!

Q: What inspires my aspirations?

A: “I am inspired by the co-creation process with the “Great I AM”. Once I learned from my favorite artist activists like Jay-Z, Beyoncé, David Banner, and Oprah; as well as various religions and ancient wisdoms that I was a spiritual being having a human experience I began to walk in that power. The more I studied religion, metaphysics and the science of the mind/body/soul connection I began to master universal laws like money and the law of attraction. As my internal power increased so did my goals and aspirations. I guess that’s my way of saying that I’m inspired to achieve from the fire within.”

Q: Where do you see yourself and career long-term?

A: “Due to rising income inequality, the middle class in America is disappearing. The solution is entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship drives everything: job creation, poverty alleviation, and national innovation. Long-term I see myself strengthening the middle class by teaching entrepreneurs how to use money and the law of attraction in goal-setting and business building to build the business and life of their dreams.”

Q: What was the most difficult situation you had to recently overcome and how did you not let it hinder me from my goals?

A: “Difficult takes a day. Impossible takes a week.” –Jay Z

“Life in 2017 is a difficult situation. Difficulties and problems are opportunities in disguise if you have the tools to see it. Growing up on the South Side of Houston, Texas, I learned early in life how to turn problems into opportunities. I began with the basic belief that God loved me. If he allowed me to endure difficulty there had to be a reason. In the middle of the storm I would ask: What is the universe trying to bring into my life? Where was life trying to take me? What does life want from me? Searching for the reason behind the problem allowed me to find gold. On one of the darkest days of my life I asked: Who am I? This was the day that I, the little girl from the dirty south morphed into TheWallStreetLawyer.Com.”

Q: What advice could you share with young girls inspired by your journey?

A: “The advice I would share with young girls is that they can do anything! Trust that. Trust yourself; your highest self, to feed you, to guide you, to lead you, and to love you. Turn off the TV, open a few books and research to better understand who you really are so that trust is second nature. God is good. And despite what is on the news life is good too. Learn to create your reality rather than accepting the reality of those around you and your life will be one of amazement. Live without limitations. Grab your life by the horns and have fun! I want people to know that anything is possible; that they have everything they need inside of them to achieve their wildest dreams. I want to be a living example of what can be achieved using the power of faith and the law of attraction. Last year I rode a bicycle from Houston, Texas, to New Orleans, Louisiana after 3.5 weeks of training and no cycling experience. Everyone thought I was crazy. Friends doubted my ability. One colleague reminded me that men train for months to prepare for that kind of ride. But it mattered not what they thought. I had heart power, I had soul power, and I assumed that would give my legs power.

If you followed my journey on social media last year you saw that I was right.” ?

“One can manifest abundance in their business and life If they understand the co-creation process with infinite intelligence.”

-Marye Dean, Esq.