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After reaching 100k+  streams online, rising Washington D.C. rapper The Khan has finally released the highly anticipated visual to his Oogie Mane produced single “Vices” featuring internet sensation Lil Tracy, from his successful mixtape Khanner which released this past June.

Already passing 35,000 views, this almost viral video shows how far The Khan has come in the year since the release of his first solo project Khanquer. He, along with other local acts, have  begun to push the Washington D.C. rap scene into the forefront of the online underground rap community.


Shot speeding past the world famous Washington Monument and in front of the historic Cardozo High School, alma mater of Soul legend Marvin Gaye, The Khan and the Off Bucks Films team have made it a point to show a side of the Nation’s Capital that can’t be found in any brochure. Amongst all of the rapid gentrification, Cardozo represents a pillar of what D.C. once was when The Khan was growing up. It was in those very halls that his rap group, Atomos (The Khan, Mahi Montana, Redd, and YungThroatSlayer) first began their journey to success.

Aside from the history of it’s landscape, the meaning behind “Vices” is one that one might not catch upon first listening. “Vices” speaks on the innate human greed and materialism that can drive one’s actions, positively or negatively. It questions the listeners values while giving an example of monetary goals that guides those searching for fame and glory in the music industry. For The Khan specifically, it is his thirst for the finer things of life that pushes his toward success.