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Just a year ago, Toronto rapper/producer Mouse Sucks was Crying At The Strip Club when he released his debut album ‘Justatethebootyandifeelgreat’. After becoming homesick and moving back home to Canada, it’s safe to say he’s done some maturing as he bares it all on his new album ‘Andtheniwhippeditout’.

In true Mouse fashion, he wrote, produced, mixed and mastered each song on the album. This time around, he chose to include some of his favorite upcoming artists, packing in features from LotusHalves, Odyssey, Capital Öde, Mercy Margiela, dopeSMOOTHIES and Saturn, Alexander. Much unlike the energetic singles “Jumping” and “Debbies”, the album starts off with a laid back, minimalistic track titled “CheyennedidmeDirty” which evolves halfway through the track and opens up the production of the entire project.


Mouse Sucks also pays homage to his previous release with a mysterious acronym titled song “DTGYBA” which stands for…. just read the Genius notes.
Another notable track on the album is “Isis From the Mac Miller Show” which tells the story of a love interest the Mouse met while trying to pass off a flash drive filled with music to Mac Miller.

You can stream Andtheniwhippeditout on Apple Music or Spotify