This past weekend in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, some of the borough’s most legendary graffiti artists and enthusiasts gathered under one roof at Anyone Comics Store for the TNR CREW graff show aptly titled, “The Nation’s Respected”.

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Walk past the rows of new and used DC and Marvel comic books to the stairs to the basement, where arguably one of the most authentic graff exhibits displayed in the city in the past five years occurred and you’ll still find the remnants on the walls of such a monumental show. With DJ Roger Smith spinning classic hits from TNR’s hey day, the bar pumping $5 top shelf mixers and black books getting smashed, it was definitely a night to be remembered.

Salute to the writers who came out including EASY, TEKAY TNR, RUDY LO TNR, KIES, TREASE 7HOODS, CHINO BYI, KARMA KIW, TRAP IF, SEV TDT, BYE F.U.C.K. CREW, POEST, ZA OGM, PAPO DTF, ERA UK, ELSE KGB and anyone else who was in the building that was not mentioned.


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