Singer Ginuwine has been put on blast on social media after a recent episode of Celebrity Big Brother UK.

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In the latest episode, Ginuwine refused and rejected to kiss India Willoughby, a fellow housemate and trans woman on live TV. The situation occurred after India asked the “Pony” singer whether or not he would date a trans woman. Willoughby reportedly asked Ginuwine:

“You would date me, yeah?”

And Ginuwine replied,


“Not if you were trans.”

Afterwards Willoughby attempted to plant a kiss on the singer and was rejected.

Twitter has been caught in a frenzy over the situation. One side was outraged by Ginuwine’s public rejection, they felt as though  he came off trans-phobic and bigoted. The other half agreed with the “In Those Jeans” artist, saying that he has a choice to date whomever he chooses. Some even suggested that Willoughby was harassing him.

Check below to see a few tweets.

It should be noted that Ginuwine did have people who were sympathetic.

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